Country of origin: Korea

Release year: 2009

Duration: 25 eps x 45 min

Genres     : Drama

Director    :  Hwang Eui Kyung

Cast   : Kim Hyun Joo, Choi Chul Ho, Honey Lee, Kim Dong Wook,


"The Partner" centers around two law firms as they struggle to defend the accused and those around them. Eun-ho Kang (Kim Hyun-Joo), a widowed single mother & attorney, tangles with the charismatic and ruthless attorney Tae-jo Lee (Lee Dong-Wook). In the first two episodes the attorneys work on cases involving a step-brother chraged with murdering of his step-sister and a lawsuit between a wealthy mother-in-law and her divorced daughter-in-law.

Each successive episode will cover provocative cases like these, while also bringing to light the charms of the attorneys and their daily lives.

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