Behind the Noren



Original country: Japan

Director:              Takashi Fujio, Sugimura Rokuro

Duration:             108 eps x 45 min

Genres:                Dramas

Cast  :                  Michiko Hada, Yoko Nogiwa, Yoka Rikuna, Asahi Uchida


The series is about the fiery relationship between the madam of an old-style Japanese inn (ryokan) and her new daughter-in-law, a former career woman. Naoko is the career woman who was working in Tokyo before marrying the eldest son of a family that owns a distinguished traditional inn in Kanazawa. Naoko's new mother-in-law, Shino, views her as an outsider and refuses to accept her. However, when Naoko's husband Sosuke abruptly disappears one day, leaving behind a large debt, Naoko tells Shino about her plan to work at the inn to pay off Sosuke’s debts.

This is a family drama about the laughs, tears, and battles between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law that go on in the inn “behind the curtain”. -- KIKU-TV



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