Duration: 30 episodes x 45 minutes

Recent years, the issue of marintime sovereignty has become a hot topic in Vietnam because of East Sea infringements, which causes discontent in public opinion all over the world. In such challenging circumstance, spirit and patriotism are still strong and arouse every heart of theVietnamese. Every part of Vietnam, not only navy sodiers but also fishermen and Vietnamese citizens in many areas has their heart toward the East Sea. All together a will: Always hold the sovereignty, the territorial waters of the country and maintaining peace, independence and freedom for the people.

“Distance" is going to exploit such topic and give audience an insight into the daily life of Navy sodier who is a central figure of this film.They are students with enthusiastic heart loving the sea, the islands and their country. That is the reason why they volunteer to be a part of the Navy.  Besides,sentiment between sodier and their rear (such as family, lover, friend and other citizens) is another spotlight in "Distance"