The Return of Lucas




Country of origin: Argentina

Release year: 2015

Director: Martin Mendez, Bruno Luciani, Germán Loza và Paula Manzone

Duration: 60 episodes x 50 minutes (67 episodes x 45 minutes)

Cast: Ana Maria Orozco, Salvador del Solar, Diego Bertie, Pablo Martinez


“The return of Lucas”  tells the story of a boy who was abducted from his parents during a beach day and suddenly seems to reappear 20 years later, sparking family tension and suspense. Is this the lost son?

Currrently Telefe’s best-selling title, skein raises the ante on Telefe’s TV production ambitions. “The Return of Lucas” has been broadcasting in many countries such as Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. It atracts a great attention of audience in over the world.

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