Country of origin: China

Release year: 2020

Director: Shen Yan

Duration: 38 episode x 45 minutes

Cast: Ni Ni, Liu Shishi


Set in 20th century Shanghai, it revolves around two women with different backgrounds and personalities who forge a deep friendship as they support each other through hard times in life.

Zhu Suosuo (Ni Ni)  is born into poverty, and is taken in by Jiang Nansun's family. From then on, the two women became close friends. After they stepped out into society, Zhu Suosuo quickly made a name for herself in the workforce with her talents and exemplary performance. Jiang Nansun (Cecilia Liu) continues to pursue academics, earning a reputation as an intellectual. However, the Jiang family later met with trouble and fell into despair. Zhu Suosuo helps Jiang Nansun settle into the workforce, by providing her with living accommodations and work opportunities. With her hard work and knowledge, Jiang Nansun gradually transforms into an outstanding white-collar lady.

Zhu Suosuo later gets married. While her marriage appears to be grand and impressive, it is not acknowledged by her husband's family. When things got tense between Zhuo Suosuo and her husband, Jiang Nansun helps Zhu Suosuo take care of her children and manage her life, until Zhuo Suosuo finds courage to walk out of her predicament.

As time passes by, the two women experience the different aspects of life, and gradually transform into mature women and take ownership of their "prime years of life".


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